Crowns & Fillings

Do you have discolored, chipped, or broken teeth? Have you had root canal treatment in the past?

If so, you might need a crown! If your teeth are damaged or decayed, we use crowns to restore them to their original appearance.

At Seaport Family Dentistry, our doctors use the latest technology, CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction), to provide you with a durable, natural-looking tooth.

How Does CEREC Work?

We have the ability to make your crown right here in our office, in a single visit!

First, using a digital scanner and advanced computer program, we image your teeth and bite. Then, we design and manufacture your porcelain crown using our on-site milling unit, carefully personalizing your custom crown so that it is the perfect match for your other teeth.

Thanks to CEREC technology and our team of highly-trained experts, this is our standard practice for almost 90% of single-tooth crowns!

Do You Need a Filling?

At Seaport Family Dentistry, we also provide our patients with high quality fillings.

Amalgam and silver fillings are outdated! We use tooth-colored (composite) fillings to restore your tooth to its original color and durability.

Don’t wait another day! The longer you leave a decaying tooth untreated, the worse it becomes. Schedule an appointment and our experts will take care of you, ensuring that your teeth look as good as they ever have!

If you are in need of a crown or filling, book your appointment with Seaport Family Dentistry!