Getting the Best Results From Clear Aligners

Brunette woman in a big sweater smiles while holding her clear aligners

Are you embarking on a smile-straightening journey with clear aligner therapy? Congratulations! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of a healthier, straighter smile. While each treatment time varies depending on how much realignment is necessary, there are a few universal things that every clear aligner patient can do to make sure they’re getting the best results.

Wear 20-22 Hours a Day

When you’re going through clear aligner treatment, it’s very important that you wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day. This gives you enough time to take them out for eating and brushing. If it feels like forever, just think that with braces you can’t take them out at all!

By wearing your aligners for the optimum amount of time each day, you’re allowing your teeth to move in the right direction. If you wear them less often, you may have to extend your whole treatment!

Keep Your Aligners Clean

How clean or not your aligners are may not have an effect on how well they straighten your teeth, but it can affect the overall health of your teeth. If you leave food and debris on your aligners, then you’re going to eventually trap that stuff against your teeth for most of the day. That, in turn, can lead to discoloration and cavities. The best results from clear aligner therapy aren’t just straight teeth but healthy teeth too!

We know getting clear aligner therapy is a big commitment so if you have any other questions about the treatment, give us a call at Seaport Family Dentistry. The team at our Liberty dental office is happy to answer any questions you have about clear aligners or our other dental services. We also have a FAQ page on our website that you might want to check out too!