The Consequences of Unreplaced Missing Teeth

Drawing of the upper arch of teeth with a missing front tooth that needs a dental implant

We all lose our baby teeth at some point, so what’s so bad about losing our permanent teeth and letting it be, right? Wrong!

Our primary teeth work as placeholders to ensure our adult teeth come in correctly, and then our adult teeth are supposed to last us for the rest of our life. When we lose those permanent teeth due to dental disease, injury, or another circumstance and don’t get them replaced, it can result in a few different consequences, none of them ideal.

Here’s what can happen if you don’t replace missing adult teeth!

Changing of Teeth Alignment

When you have a missing tooth, there’s now a space left that the nearby teeth may shift into. Even if you’ve received orthodontic treatment, teeth are constantly moving as we age, even if ever so slightly. If your teeth gradually shift into this gap, it can alter the appearance of your smile and the way you bite and chew. Properly aligned teeth help ensure the full function of your mouth, while misaligned teeth may result in chewing difficulties, grinding, or dysfunction with the temporomandibular joints of the jaw.

Jawbone Deterioration

Teeth do more than just help you chew and smile beautifully. The roots of the teeth also transfer forces that stimulate the jawbone and keep it healthy. If you have missing teeth, the resulting deterioration of the jawbone can actually change your facial structure, making it look hollow or sunken. This, in turn, can cause a more aged appearance. A weakened jawbone may also compromise the health of your other teeth.

Low Self-Esteem

Missing teeth can also negatively affect your self-confidence. If you’re missing teeth, you may hesitate to show off your mouth, minimizing how often you smile or laugh. Unless you replace your teeth, you may approach social interactions differently, such as shying away from meeting new people or passing on a job interview.

Tooth Replacement in Liberty, MO

Have you lost a permanent tooth? Or maybe you are about to have a tooth extracted and are considering what to do afterwards. Whatever the case may be, our team can help you have a functional smile that you are proud of! We offer several restorative solutions, such as dental bridges and dental implants.

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Image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0