Digital Impressions in Modern Dentistry

Digital impression taken of a patient's lower arch of teeth

Dental technology plays a pivotal role in improving patient experiences, treatment precision, and overall oral health. Digital impressions are one example of this technological innovation. They have revolutionized how dentists gather data and create accurate records of a patient’s teeth, ultimately enhancing the quality of care.

Traditional vs. Digital Impressions

Before their digital alternative, physical impressions involved creating molds of a patient’s teeth with putty-like materials. This method is uncomfortable, time-consuming, and occasionally error-prone.

Now, with modern digital impressions, the process is essentially non-invasive. During a digital impression, dentists use a handheld device to scan a patient’s teeth and create a 3D digital model. The resulting data is incredibly accurate and provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral structures.

Digital impressions allow dentists to gather beneficial information to help them plan personalized treatments, whether you need a dental crown, bridge, dental implant, or orthodontics.

Improved Patient Experience

Digital impressions are far more comfortable for patients. There‚Äôs no need for gag-inducing putty or uncomfortable trays anymore. The scanning process is quick, painless, and doesn’t involve any mess!

Enhanced Accuracy

Digital impressions are renowned for their accuracy. The 3D models they create are highly detailed and precise. This precision results in better-fitting restorations, allowing patients to enjoy a more comfortable, satisfactory, and reliable outcome.

Streamlined Workflow

In the past, traditional impressions could be time-consuming since they often required multiple steps and adjustments. Digital impressions offer a streamlined workflow, allowing dentists to create digital models and share them with dental laboratories or specialists instantaneously.

Modern Dentistry in Liberty, MO

Digital impressions play an important role in modern dentistry. Not only have they transformed the patient experience, they have also enhanced the workflow for dentists. At Seaport Family Dentistry, we proudly use digital impressions and other advanced dental technology during visits. To experience modern dentistry, contact us today to schedule an appointment!